What Is The Easiest Way To Travel With Your Pro Scooter?


A major issue that freestyle scooter riders find themselves running into over and over again is figuring out how to travel with their scooters. One of the best things about riding a scooter is discovering new places to ride. Whether its a skatepark far away from home or unique street spots in a major city, its always a blast riding somewhere new. So its important to know what your options are for safely and effectively storing your scooter for travel. In this article we will go over a few different solutions to help you travel easier.


Tools Needed:


You absolutely should not travel with your trick scooter without the tools needed to disassemble, reassemble, or fix your scooter. At the bare minimum you should be bringing a 6mm or 8mm allen key with you so that you can disassemble your handlebars. However, we would highly recommend you travel with all the tools needed to fix your scooter just in case of an emergency. The last thing you would want is for your scooter to need repairs when you are hours away from home. 


Traveling With Your Scooter by Car:


Traveling by car with your trick scooter is by far the easiest method of transportation. In most instances you can just lay your scooter flat in the truck or stand it up in the back seat. In the off chance you need do not have enough space we recommend using the 6mm or 8mm allen key to loosen your clamp and remove your bars. It is much easier to store you scooter when your scooter is split in 2. 


Traveling With Your Scooter by Train or Subway:


Traveling by train or subway is usually pretty easy. In most situations you just need to hold your scooter between your legs with your deck placed under the seat. We encourage you to avoid leaving your scooter in the isles or walkways even if you are holding them as they become a tripping hazard for other passengers. If you are forced to stand during your ride on the train then do your best pin your scooter between you and the side of the train while keeping your scooter out of the way of other passengers. 


Traveling With Your Scooter by Airplane:


Traveling by plane is by far the most difficult way to travel with your pro scooter. Every trip can be different depending on the airline and whether or not you get lucky enough to catch the airline & TSA employees on a good day. In most cases our Pro Team riders, who travel the world often, just walk their scooter through TSA and to the gate where the airline employees treat your scooter like a stroller and tag it and check it in at the gate free of charge. That is best case scenario. 

Airlines sometimes will require you to check in your scooter. Depending on your airline of choice this can range from a free service to $50 a bag. We recommend that you read the airlines checked bag policy before booking any travel just in case you do have to check in your scooter. 

The 1 major issue with the 2 methods above is that your scooter is exposed to all the checked baggage in the plane. This means it is at risk of being damaged. 
These damaged could be a minor as a small scratch and be as extreme as bent bars or axels. 

Luckily there is 1 more solution for those that do not want to take any chances!
Many scooter shops sell a scooter travel bag. You can store your scooter, the tools, extra parts, & more in this bag. All you need to do is check the bag in like a normal bag and pick it up when you arrive at your destination. These bags do require you to dissemble the bars from the scooter but that can be done in less than 1 minute.